Montag, 14. Februar 2011

Wo are you? The Test fo your EvE Personality!

Nachdem jetzt die anderen Blogkollegen (wie Schmetter und eXeler0n) sich entschlossen haben ihre Eve-Presönlichkeit zu testen, hab ich mich entschlossen, mich diesem Trend nicht mehr zu verweigern. Was raus kam? Ja seht selber:

Eve is just a game. People tend to get really worked up about it, and this is highly amusing. The best moments of Eve is when someone throws a hissy fit after you pwned them when they didn't expect it. You often use the "it's a PvP game-line", but what you really mean by that is that the game is supposed to be exploited and won. No trick is beneath you as long as it lets you get a laugh at the expense of someone else. Everything is valid until CCP says it's not.

Na, so ganz falsch ist es nicht, aber vielt. etwas hart formuliert. Ich bin doch etwas...netter =)

so long...

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