Freitag, 27. Februar 2015


Greetings form the dark side....

Also...nicht ganz, aber heute Abend haben ein paar Missionrunner ganz arg im Local geheult. Grund: ein fieser Mitspieler hat einen der Missionrunner ausm Schiff gepellt.

[21:19:18] Yazz Karron > You salvage guys are so annoying, why don't you run missions yourself. Make some serious ISK at least
[21:19:44] jared Khardula > Yazz Karron someone nicked ur loot?
[21:20:42] Yazz Karron > not yet, didn't attack the npc ships, but 2 sec after I warped in the first ninja salvager showed up
[21:21:22] Yazz Karron > and god damn it I brought my own salvage alt. LEAVE MY LOOT ALONE!!!!
[21:21:53] jared Khardula > i deploy a MTU or have salvage drones on stand by, just a thought?
[21:22:17] Yazz Karron > have a MTU myself. but some guys just shoot it
[21:22:50] Yazz Karron > and you know what happens if you attack a yellow flagged with a mission ship
[21:23:20] Yazz Karron > Kill: Yazz Karron (Apocalypse Navy Issue) PROOF
[21:25:09] jared Khardula > ah they just love taking out those big mission ships dont they
[21:31:45] jared Khardula > Yazz Karron just curious why u attacked a yellow flagged in a mission ship tho??
[21:32:24] Yazz Karron > because I'm stupid and he was not with the tengu when I attacked him. Tengu came in later. I thought I can take him. Big mistake
[21:33:05] jared Khardula > well its a tough learning curve mate & its a bit unfair but its a harsh game
[21:33:52] Yazz Karron > it is. don't wanna sound like a crybaby. But when you loose a 350mil ship and have to go back to mine for another one, you feel a little anger :D
[21:34:21] Chris Kaedan > First rule of Eve-club...
[21:34:39] jared Khardula > *know that feeling, u have every right to complain bud
[21:35:29] Aurelia Graff > yuh, that sucks
[21:35:55] jared Khardula > how long to mine all the stuff you need do u think??
[21:35:58] Yazz Karron > bad girl
[21:36:53] Aurelia Graff > what did she do? i see she is flashing 'suspect'
[21:38:11] Alice Deckard > attack my MTU
[21:38:29] jared Khardula > similar to the `can flippers` ??
[21:38:49] Alice Deckard > and now she is dancing around in her underpants, just infront of me and waiting for me to attack.
[21:38:57] Alice Deckard > wonder what happens if I do, hmm
[21:39:01] jared Khardula > nice, least shes wearing some lol
[21:39:53] jared Khardula > flashing orange or yellow?
[21:40:17] Yazz Karron > flashing fast
Na, das ist man doch selber Schuld wenn man jemanden angreift der flashy ist, ohne das man selber im richtigen Schiff sitzt^^

so long...